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I went out to a friend’s camp and took some photos of the fireworks they launched on July 4th. I used the ultrawide 14-24mm at it’s widest focal length because we were pretty close. We had a beautiful moonrise across the pond at the same time and several other camps were launching fireworks too. My […]

Joyce (my sister-in-law) and I attempted shooting the fireworks at Lincoln’s 2010 Homecoming Festival. They didn’t come out quite as good as the ones I’d taken in Bangor on the 4th. Not that the fireworks weren’t impressive, but our location certainly was not! There was quite a large tree right in the way. Still, we […]

I was working in Bangor over the weekend and took a couple hours off to photograph the fireworks. I found a nice location in Brewer directly across the river from where they were being launched. I used the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens on my D700, with a tripod of course. I set the camera to manual […]