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This is a 360° spherical timelapse video taken with a Panoneed and two Promote Controls, demonstrating the capability of the Panoneed robotic panning head.

Since I get asked from time to time how much I edit my photos, the answer is A LOT! Here is a before and after example.

I found a really good deal on eBay for a Canon 500D close-up filter for macro shots. Here are some of my first photos with it around the house and a quick comparison of magnification at minimum focus distances.

Do you use rechargeable batteries? Here are some tips to keep them in top condition and get the best performance out of them…

I’ve done a few timelapse videos, but not a stop-motion one before. The difference is mainly that the interval between frames is not based on a specific time, but rather an event…

Here are four quick maintenance tips for your camera that are easily overlooked, but will save you lot of grief later if you take a few minutes to implement/review them.

Sensor Cleaning

Quick introduction to Copper Hill Images’ sensor cleaning solutions, with before and after shots to show the amount of sensor dust removed.

Following up with yesterday’s tutorial on taking lightning photos, this article will cover the HDR and image stacking I did for this image…

We had a really incredible thunderstorm roll through last night. For about half an hour there was an awesome lightning show. Here is a short tutorial I wrote about taking good lightning photos.

Posting an article I wrote around Valentine’s Day… I just got a very good deal on a factory demo Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens from Cameta Camera (very good company to do business with). There are already plenty of reviews out there on the lens, so I won’t make too many comments about it until I’ve […]