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Photos of Katahdin Air taking off from Spencer Cover, also Pockwockamus Rock, Compass Pond, and River Pond along the Golden Road in Millinocket, Maine

Easton & Caribou

I took these photos a couple summers ago of Easton and Caribou, Maine while bird scouting with a good friend of mine.

Spring or Winter?

Is it spring or winter?! You decide in this 360° panorama!

Castle Snow Banks

The snow bank across the road from me did something very odd today after the plow went by. It sort of split into a bunch of almost equal shapes that made it look like the top of a castle wall! So I grabbed the 70-200mm lens and took a few photos, one of them a […]

Moss Covered Rock

A friend showed me this moss-covered rock in Lee along a little brook. Here is an interactive 360° panorama…

Christmas Lights

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a new blog post. November and December are pretty busy around here with holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries! Here are a few recent photos Teish and I have taken of Christmas lights. Enjoy! These images can be purchased through my galleries here: Related Posts:Snowy Sunrise TimelapseSpring […]

Mattakeunk Stream

Here is a 360° x 180° panorama I took of Mattakeunk Stream in Winn, Maine.

Last weekend I hiked up to Chimney Pond on Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park with some friends. I took the tripod, panning head, Nikon D700, and two lenses (14-24mm & 24-70mm) in hopes of getting a really good 360° panorama and a few large rectilinear panoramas.

We had a very interesting sunrise through the fog over the pond this morning. The light changed very quickly, but I had enough time to grab my camera, swap lenses for the telephoto, and shoot a quick two-row HDR panorama through the upstairs window.

Following up with yesterday’s tutorial on taking lightning photos, this article will cover the HDR and image stacking I did for this image…