Pine Tree Forest at Sunset

This small forest of pine trees is just a short walk from my house, right off the back field. I often walk up this little hill and sit and think on a large rock nestled in the bushes. At sunset a splash of golden light sets all the pine needles ablaze.

You wouldn’t know it today, but 100 years ago this was a clearing where my wife’s great-great-grandparent’s house stood. Frederick and Anna Crocker raised their children in that home. Sadly, five died during a diphtheria epidemic. Only their baby girl Millie survived. Later, her younger brother Harry was born, and both lived to raise families of their own. Nothing remains of the house that Millie and Harry grew up in, save a black and white photo of the family and their home. Now my family lives in another house on the same farm that Frederick Crocker built as a wedding gift for Millie. It’s important that we photograph and document these things for future generations.

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