Howland Dam at Sunset

I took this spherical panorama at sunset of the dam on the Penobscot River in Howland last Thursday. I waited half an hour for the sunburst to shine through this window, and it only lasted for twelve seconds! I’ve visited this spot several times over the past year but the light was never quite right. Click the photo below to view the full panorama. It might take a little bit to load, it’s very large.


I shot the whole sphere at 24mm, so it took 46 positions plus an off-axis nadir to cover all that, resulting in a 155 megapixel panorama. I also shot 9 brackets at each position spaced 1.3 EV apart for a total dynamic range of 11 stops. In total it took 414 images to make up the whole panorama, and many days of editing (I’ve been working on it since Thursday). The wind was blowing up a gale so it was impossible to keep all the branches from ghosting throughout the image since one little twig could be in as many as 36 places in different photos! I gave up trying to fill the sky in above because the clouds had moved so far and it just wouldn’t blend well or look right no matter what I tried. There would normally be two more rows of photos up there with a 24mm lens. HDR tonemapping was done with Photomatix Pro and a little bit of glow added after to soften the image. Check out the gallery below for some black and white crops.


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