Geminid meteor shower

Matthew Parks and I went out to shoot the Geminid meteor shower together last month near the corner where Brewer, Eddington, and Holden meet. Matthew lives in Bangor, and from his house Gemini was due east about 101°, and we wanted the lights of Bangor and Brewer behind us, so we looked at some aerial photography in that general direction until we found a large open field, set the GPS, and drove there. We took photos for about three hours. Here are my favorites.


Photos can be purchased through Smugmug here.

The first photo of the star trails is a stack of 197 images, each a 10 second exposure for a total elapsed time of 33 minutes and 48.6 seconds. The second photo and the one featured for this article is a pair of meteor streaks captured in the same frame. Since Gemini means “twin” I thought this was a special photo. The third photo is a star-aligned composite of all the meteors I captured that evening, a total of 10. I moved the camera between timelapses without bothering to turn it off in the fourth image. Since it was near the end of a 10 second exposure, only the brightest stars were exposed at the last seconds while moving. I captioned it “drunken meteors”! The last photo is of Orion, Jupiter, and Perseus with the trees visible in the foreground. The Milky Way is just barely visible to the left of Orion; the lights of Bangor and Brewer preventing a longer exposure from capturing it. Here is a very short timelapse from the evening. It looks better in 720p or 1080p.


Below is a panorama I took after the clouds started rolling in at 2AM, preventing any more meteor shots.


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