Stop-motion video of Lego space shuttle being assembled

My sister-in-law, Joyce, helped me put together this short stop-motion video of my daughter’s Lego space shuttle being assembled. I’ve done a few timelapse videos, but not a stop-motion one before. The difference is mainly that the interval between frames is not based on a specific time, but rather an event. Instead of taking so many photos a minute and speeding them up later, we decided to take a photo every time a Lego was added. Since it was only a 231 piece set, and we wanted more than 9.6 seconds of video at 24fps, we decided to also take some photos unboxing the pieces, flipping through the instructions, and removing Legos from the pile before showing the assembly of the shuttle. The added footage made a more interesting 29 second video.

I setup the tripod, camera, flash, exposure, composition, etc. and Joyce patiently stood and clicked away at the shutter 531 times while reading books on her new Kindle. It took an hour and forty-three minutes to build the space shuttle and get all the photos. Most of that was spent waiting on my SB-900 flash to cool down as we kept getting a thermal overload. It probably didn’t help that we were near the coal stove that heats the entire house. This is the third product shoot where I’ve overheated my SB-900, so it doesn’t happen often, but it’s most annoying when it does. I never had this happen with my SB-800. Hopefully the newly announced SB-910 has better thermal management.

Anyway, here is the stop-motion video after running it through After Effects!


Here are some still shots from the video:

Happy New Year!!!

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