2010 Timelapse & Panoramic Slideshow

Here is a slideshow that I’ve been working on in After Effects of some high dynamic range (HDR) timelapse and panoramic photos that I’ve taken this year. I quickly discovered that it takes a lot of hard drive space and rendering time to work on these.

For the very short timelapse sequences I took 9 photos every minute to render a high dynamic range image. 2hrs of shooting a sunset is 1,080 images, but at 30 frames per second it is only 4 seconds of HDR video. Each uncompressed image is 72MB though—that’s  over 75GB of data to manipulate for one scene. Some of the panoramic images are 700-800MB apiece. The final 5 minute video rendered from After Effects is about 45GB. I’m surprised it can handle all that as fluidly as it does. Pretty neat program! Of course, the final output is much smaller once compressed. It’s a little over 1GB on a BluRay disc (1920×1080), and 300MB downscaled to DVD (720×480). The video in this post has been down sampled to 640×360. To see a much higher resolution or download an HD copy, visit the SmugMug gallery just below. Be prepared to wait a bit if you have a slow Internet connection though!


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