Homecoming Fireworks, Lincoln, Maine

Joyce (my sister-in-law) and I attempted shooting the fireworks at Lincoln’s 2010 Homecoming Festival. They didn’t come out quite as good as the ones I’d taken in Bangor on the 4th. Not that the fireworks weren’t impressive, but our location certainly was not! There was quite a large tree right in the way. Still, we had a lot of fun taking photos and meeting lots of friends down at the waterfront. I got a few good shots with plenty of people in the foreground and reflections in the water to make them interesting, in spite of the tree. 🙂

My camera settings averaged ISO 400, 2 seconds (with a few at 3 & 4 seconds), and aperture f/8 to f/16 depending on how bright the scene was and how many fireworks were launched at the same time. I was constantly spinning the aperture dial to match how many were launched and how bright I thought they might be. The best you can do is just guess! Focal length was anywhere from 45mm to 70mm depending how high they launched and how tight a crop I wanted. I was constantly changing that too.

Here is a slideshow of my favorite images. Click the play button to start and the bottom right button if you want to view them full screen.

[slidepress gallery=’2010-lincoln-homecoming-fireworks’]

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Visit the SmugMug gallery link above if you’d like to view shooting data for specific photos, map location, or order prints.

Here is a link to Joyce’s SmugMug gallery too: http://jvphotos.smugmug.com/Events/Fireworks/

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