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Here is a higher resolution photo of the sunset on Almanac Mt. It was dark enough to need a flashlight to see the path. Since the remaining light was fading fast, I broke all the typical “rules” for a high dynamic range panoramic: I skipped a tripod, left auto ISO enabled, and shot at f/2.8, […]

Here are some high dynamic range photos I took of the sunset at East Musquash Lake and Almanac Mt the night before the last photos were posted. Today we are getting snow, so that’s pretty much it for fall photos. 🙂 Click the SmugMug link if you want prints, map location, or EXIF data. Most […]

Fall Photos

Here are the rest of the photos I took on Almanac Mt and in Springfield, Carroll, and Lee. Finding RockMan in the woods really cracked me up! [smugmug url=”″ imagecount=”100″ start=”3″ num=”11″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”true” sort=”false” window=”false” smugmug=”true” size=”X2″] Related Posts:Old dump truck at sunsetSunset on Almanac MtSunset at East Musquash Lake360° Timelapse, Mowing the […]

Joyce’s photos

Hot chocolate, lots of wool, a chilly, fall sunrise from a mountain top, a tripod, and a camera… what more could a photographer want?! Here are some photos Joyce took of me on Almanac Mt. Check out the rest of her photos on her website: [smugmug url=”″ imagecount=”100″ start=”15″ num=”3″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”lightbox” captions=”false” sort=”false” […]

Yesterday, Joyce and I got up at 5:15 AM and drove to the top of Almanac Mountain to get some sunrise photos. It took a little bit to get up there, setup the tripod and panning gear, take a few test exposures, etc. before taking a panoramic, so we timed it about right. It’s a […]