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Sunday Pond

I spent two nights a couple weeks apart at Sunday Pond in Millinocket, Maine recently shooting panoramas and timelapses of Mt. Katahdin reflecting in the pond. What a beautiful place!

Photos of Katahdin Air taking off from Spencer Cover, also Pockwockamus Rock, Compass Pond, and River Pond along the Golden Road in Millinocket, Maine

Sunrise photos of Sam Canders with and his hot air balloon at the Piscataquis Heritage Hot Air Balloon Festival in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

I took these photos this weekend of a mallard duck and a killdeer in the rain.

Easton & Caribou

I took these photos a couple summers ago of Easton and Caribou, Maine while bird scouting with a good friend of mine.

A few photographers from a local photography group got together to shoot downtown Bangor at night. Here are some of the images I got.

Timelapse of concerned citizens returning their newspaper boxes after Bangor Daily News requested names, addresses, and dates of birth of every concealed weapons permit holder in Maine.

Castle Snow Banks

The snow bank across the road from me did something very odd today after the plow went by. It sort of split into a bunch of almost equal shapes that made it look like the top of a castle wall! So I grabbed the 70-200mm lens and took a few photos, one of them a […]

Winter Wonder Land

I took this image yesterday after sunset of the woods behind my pond with the Gigapan Epic Pro. It’s a 270 megapixel panorama stitched from 225 photos.

Winter Scarf

Winter Scarf

I took this photo when the kids were playing in the back yard; one of them had put a scarf on the swing set and it was blowing in the wind.