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This is a 360° spherical timelapse video taken with a Panoneed and two Promote Controls, demonstrating the capability of the Panoneed robotic panning head.

Sunday Pond

I spent two nights a couple weeks apart at Sunday Pond in Millinocket, Maine recently shooting panoramas and timelapses of Mt. Katahdin reflecting in the pond. What a beautiful place!

For quite a while I have wanted to take a spherical panorama timelapse. This sky full of star trails consists of 41 stitched panoramas in a timelapse.

Ladybug timelapse

A short, hilarious timelapse of a ladybug running laps around my trash can!

Timelapse of concerned citizens returning their newspaper boxes after Bangor Daily News requested names, addresses, and dates of birth of every concealed weapons permit holder in Maine.

This is a short timelapse of a beautiful sunrise over my frozen pond. When I set the camera up, it looked like something special was about to happen with everything glowing pink and orange, then it just went back to gray again. Sometimes you just don’t capture much. 🙂 The video looks best in 1080p […]

Matthew Parks and I went out to shoot the Geminid meteor shower together last month near the corner where Brewer, Eddington, and Holden meet.

A few nights ago I set out to shoot a time lapse video of the Leonid meteor shower and the Milky Way because it was a dark, moonless night at the peak of the meteor shower. I setup the Nikon D700 and my favorite 14-24mm f/2.8 lens with a Promote Control, freshly charged batteries, large memory card, and wrapped it all up nice with hand warmers, heavy wool scarfs, and blankets to keep the batteries warm and prevent frost on the lens.

Here are some of my recent night sky time lapse videos…

I’ve done a few timelapse videos, but not a stop-motion one before. The difference is mainly that the interval between frames is not based on a specific time, but rather an event…