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Photos of Katahdin Air taking off from Spencer Cover, also Pockwockamus Rock, Compass Pond, and River Pond along the Golden Road in Millinocket, Maine

Easton & Caribou

I took these photos a couple summers ago of Easton and Caribou, Maine while bird scouting with a good friend of mine.

I took this spherical panorama of Mallett’s old saw mill on Mattakeunk Stream at the edge of Merrill Pond in Lee, Maine yesterday.

Here are some of my recent night sky time lapse videos…

We had a beautiful sunset here in Lee, Maine a few evenings ago, and I set out to find a good subject to put in front of the clouds before the interesting light disappeared. The old dump truck in the back field seemed to have the perfect colors!

Rollins Wind Farm

A few weekends ago I decided to drive up Rollins Mountain and Rocky Dundee to take some 360° x 180° panoramas of the Rollins Wind Farm in Lincoln, Maine.

Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway locomotives picking up some cars at Logistics Management Systems’ warehouse in Hermon, Maine.

Last week my wife ran off with my camera and a couple of lenses. She’s a talented photographer in her own right, though with the kids she rarely has time to take photos with anything but her iPod. 🙂 She came back almost an hour later with these incredible images.