Ladybug timelapse

I watched this ladybug running laps around my trash can and just had to shoot a timelapse of it! Haha! I set the tripod up in rather a hurry and couldn’t see behind the camera very well since it was pretty close to the wall; I didn’t want to startle the little bug by moving the trash can, so I guessed a lot on the composition, focus, etc. It’s quite a bit off, but still hilarious enough to share! I overexposed the scene slightly on purpose to have a white background and desaturated everything slightly except for the ladybug. I setup the Promote Control to take a photo every 0.5 seconds as that seemed to take a photo about every body length at the speed the bug was averaging. I took 930 images but only used 760 in the timelapse because it stopped and turned around a couple times and eventually walked out of frame.

It looks much better if you choose 720p or 1080p resolution. Enjoy!




I stacked the images in Photoshop to get two of those shots.

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