Penobscot Bay, Camden Hills State Park

This is an HDR 360° x 180° spherical panorama that I took of Penobscot Bay in Camden Hills State Park this summer. It is roughly 155 megapixels stitched from 185 images. I shot three rows of twelve columns, plus an extra shot for the nadir to remove the tripod, each position consisting of five exposures for a high dynamic range (HDR) panorama. Click the preview below to see it full screen and turn up the volume to hear the waves. Zoom in and out, pan around, and right click for some different projection views. There is also a map feature to the left.

Shooting data: Nikon D700 & Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 24mm, f/11, ISO 400, and 1/13 through 1/1250 shutter speeds. The 5 exposures were spaced 1.3 EV apart by a Promote Control so I wouldn’t have to take as many total photos to cover the entire exposure range. Below are some different crops. The “little planet” view reminds me of Wilson (the volleyball) in Cast Away. 🙂

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