Panorama of Camden Harbor, Maine

I took this panorama of Camden Harbor about an hour after sunrise from Mt. Battie with a Gigapan Epic Pro this summer. It took about 12 minutes to capture 455 images. That’s pretty speedy! I shot 5 rows of 13 columns with 7 exposures at every position (±3EV in 1 stop increments). Shooting data: Nikon D700 & Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 140mm, f/11, ISO 1250, and 1/40 through 1/2500 shutter speeds. The final cropped image is 113 megapixels or 79.8″ x 15.7″ when printed at 300dpi. This is roughly the same field of view and depth of field of a 28mm lens @ f/2.2, if it were cropped to a panorama of course.

To the left is Sherman Cove, Curtis Island is in the middle, and Camden Harbor to the right. In the distant top right is the Rockland Harbor Breakwater & Lighthouse. There are many other lighthouses, islands, and boats to explore! Click the photo below to zoom in, pan around, and have fun!


If you have an iPad or would like to tag snapshots and share your findings with other people, check the photo out on GigaPan’s website:

You can also view it in Google Earth if you have it installed:

This image can be purchased through my gallery here:



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