Old dump truck at sunset

We had a beautiful sunset here in Lee, Maine a few evenings ago, and I set out to find a good subject to put in front of the clouds before the interesting light disappeared. The old dump truck in the back field seemed to have the perfect colors! The sun had already set behind me, but was still hitting the clouds in the distance. I quickly setup the tripod with the 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm about 4’ away from the front bumper and shot a 9 bracket sequence of ISO 400, f/11, and 1/320 to 0.8 sec shutter speed. I used f/11 to get everything from the truck to the clouds in focus and ISO 400 to get a little faster shutter speed so the clouds wouldn’t move much. I wound up using all 9 shots to create an HDR image in Oloneo; there was quite a brightness difference between the truck in shadows and the bright reflection of the sun off the clouds.

About two minutes later the sun dipped too low to hit the clouds, so I switched to the 70-200mm f/2.8 and shot from 30 something feet away. I really liked the orange tree in the background and wanted to bring it in closer to the truck by compressing the scene. I shot it around 100mm, f/4, ISO 400, and 1/640 to 0.4 sec shutter speed (middle exposure of 1/40; it also was a bracketed HDR shot, but I didn’t use all nine shots).

The last shot is around 50 megapixels. I moved about 50 feet away to shoot the truck from the other side at 200mm, but stitched together two rows of five photos each for more resolution. Each photo was also a bracketed set, so it was really 90 photos before tonemapping and stitching. The light hadn’t changed much in that short a time period, so I used the same manual exposure as the previous image: f/4, ISO 400, 1/40 (before bracketing).

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