The Farmgirl Takes the Camera

Last week my wife ran off with my camera and a couple of lenses. She’s a talented photographer in her own right, though with the kids she rarely has time to take photos with anything but her iPod. 🙂 She came back almost an hour later with these incredible images. I helped her edit them on the workstation. Several of these are HDR images, and the last one is several images with focus stacking to get all the flower petals sharp. Be sure to visit her blog post about the images and leave some feedback:

These images can be purchased through my gallery here:

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  • very very nice…..I love the old Farmall..that was my Grandpa’s tractor….I want to get a decent camera…I have been told I have a good ‘eye’….

  • The Farmall is Dad’s. His Dad and uncles had it back when they worked in the woods. 🙂 Been in the family a while.