Deer & Windmills at Sunset

The sunset yesterday was beautiful, so I decided to go look for some good photo subjects. I found a deer in a field enjoying the grass now that the snow is nearly melted. Several of the windmills in town are done now and they looked like a good subject against the sunset; they aren’t spinning yet. I stood on the roof of the SUV to take these. I didn’t use a tripod, just hand held. Somebody driving by eyed me very suspiciously. I’ve probably been reported to Homeland Security. 🙂 I took all of the photos with the 70-200mm f/2.8 with a 2x teleconverter, most of them at 400mm. It’s no wonder I get weird looks walking around with that bazooka. (Homeland Security and bazooka in the same blog post… now I’ve really done it!)

The last photo is an HDR panorama stitched from 11 portrait images of 7 exposures each for a total of 77 images. I only used the four darkest frames though since I really wanted a silhouette and the three +EV exposures only blew out the sky. Converted from RAW files with Capture NX 2, tone mapped with PhotoMatix Pro, stitched with PTGui into layers, and then blended with PhotoShop. Final image is ~43 megapixels, 35” x 14” @ 300dpi.

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