April Blizzard Timelapse

On April Fool’s Day, we had what I hope was the last blizzard of the season for Maine. Our snow had already nearly melted! Before leaving for work to drive in the stuff, I set the camera in the upstairs window overlooking the pond with the intervalometer taking five pictures a minute for HDR. I set the quality to JPEG to fit as many as I could on the card and it ran until my 16GB card was full. When I got home we had already lost power for several hours, so I backed up the card to my laptop and a USB powered external drive, erased it, and set the camera to start taking photos again at sunrise. Sometime during the night we got power back, so the next day I took all the photos, created HDR images in batch mode with PhotoMatix Pro, and created a timelapse video with Adobe After Effects. With work and stuff it has taken me almost a week to finish the short video and upload it. Fortunately almost all the snow we got has nearly melted again. You’ll have to excuse the occasional fly that walked across the window! 🙂

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