Camera Survives Ocean Trip From Aruba to Key West, Florida

Camera Survives Ocean Trip From Aruba to Key West, Florida. I thought I’d pass along this fascinating story. It shows how important it is to include your name and contact info in either the image comment or copyright information fields of your digital camera. I have my phone number, website, copyright, and name embedded into every image on my camera. I add more data in post editing of course, but if my camera or memory card were ever lost or stolen, I stand a small chance of an honest person contacting me. Also, it’s easy to prove you are the owner of the camera (and more importantly the images) to any law enforcement or court, as such situations are becoming far too common with photographers these days. It’s also an extremely good idea to have every serial number of your gear written down in a safe place and on your person if you are traveling.

Anyway, I find it amazing that a camera could float 1,100 miles over 6 months, have an adventurous sea turtle take a video with it along the way, and still be in pristine condition when found. The manufacturer of the waterproof housing couldn’t have a better testimonial! Kudos to the Coast Guard investigator that put such an effort into contacting the owner. It’s inspiring to see someone really go the extra mile like he did!

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